The joint disco at WCHS was an absolute ball for the kids and the volunteer parents.  Many were seen discreetly head bopping in the corridors and in the corners! 

A record number of boys attended this year (84) and as always lots of girls too (145). The girls loved dressing up for the occasion.  The majority of boys on the other hand were dressed down in comparison. Adidas tops and trainers were the silent dress code, comfort preferred over scratchy sequins and sparkles.  We made a profit of nearly £600, which will all be spent to benefit our boys.  We will check our wish list of items which have been selected by the children and teachers themselves.  Once we’ve decided we will let everyone know.

It was the first year that ICHS parents have actually volunteered to help at this joint event.  We were on our best behaviour and hope that this will be the start of many more joint events between us and the WCHS PFA (Parent Friends Association)

Generally it all went really smoothly with teachers present from both schools.  The most serious incident of the night involved a flying plastic chicken which was launched from one side of the hall to the other.  It was was quickly resolved (i.e confiscated), whilst miraculously maintaining a straight face. Boys will be boys! Thanks to Mr Kelly and Miss Thompson for helping out on the night.  Your presence and support was very much valued.

Also thank you to everyone who let their children attend and those who helped. We had a high number of new volunteers which is always appreciated.  We are investigating the possibility of a disco in the Spring term at Ilford County High School. An Easter do perhaps….then again we may see a few more flying plastic chickens at an Easter event, so maybe not! ???. We will keep you all posted. 

Goodnight all, sleep tight, we are knackered but still can’t get the Spice girls out of our heads!

Dancing the night away…well up to 8pm anyway!