Across the board, funding cuts for all schools are big news.  Groups such as the Friends of Ilford County High School are increasingly funding items that many members feel should be provided from the school budget.

Find out more about how we spend our income, how decisions are made and what we have achieved with the help of our generous parents, carers, school staff and sponsors.

Who do the funds raised by the the Friends of ICHS belong to?

The Friends of ICHS funds belong to us and are held in our a bank account.  Our elected committee members decide on how the money is spent working closely with the school to ensure that we are funding something the school wants and needs.

Who makes the decisions on how money is spent?

In April 2019 a staff and student survey was conducted to enable the boys, heads of department and staff to identify items that would enhance the boys experience at school and contribute to their learning journey.  The results were analysed with items not conducive to school life removed such as sweet shops, vending machines with sweets and chocolates and PS4’s.  The resulting list contains items that we aim to fundraising for.  Some are low level items such as books and teaching material, others high end items such as resurfacing the cricket strip

Our priority list will be reviewed annually with another staff and student survey due in 2020

The school does not allocate any of the Friends of ICHS funds, without having prior agreement from the committee to do so. We work together.

What have we purchased recently?

We are a new fundraising body and successfully raised in the region of £1800 in June and July of 2019. This money is being used to purchase books for the Learning Resource Centre (LRC), material for the art department and a football table for the well being suite which will be available for use for all the students.  Photos of these will be posted in due course.

Can we view the annual report and accounts of the Friends of ICHS?

Of course, we are fair and transparent in everything we do with account being publicly available at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  We would encourage all parent, carers, staff and friends to be involved to get a full picture of our efforts and the impact on our children.

Are we making an impact on the schools finances?

Yes, as the saying goes every penny counts! We would love to have a target figure of £10,000 a year which would make a greater impact and enrich our childrens education more.  However our impact so far has been noticeable.  The real working capital of the FoICHS lies in its members, not in its treasury. Fundraising is not our primary function.  Our main objective are outlined in our constitution adopted at the AGM.  Developing relationships and a wider community are fundamental to our mission. 

Is the main purpose of the Friends of ICHS to address the schools deficit?

We are aware of the concern amongst parents about the financial situation at ICHS, and a few have sought clarification as to our objectives.

It is a question that we would like to answer.

Put simply, schools that have active organisations such as the Friends of Ilford County High (PTAs) perform to a higher level, provide better activities and give a more positive experience for their pupils. It also leads to a constructive and useful relationship with the staff and Governors. This can only result in a safer and better environment for our children.

From the local private schools to the world famous ones where money is no object, all have PTAs.

We are not giving up our time and energy to eliminate the deficit, but we like to believe that we are an asset to the school whatever the funding situation is.

We are taking a long term view and strongly believe that parents helping, no matter how small a contribution, can provide better opportunities and improve conditions for our sons.

Of course in an ideal world, there would be no limit to the options they have, and the facilities would all be fantastic, and money would not be a problem.  But until then, we will work hard to make things better.

So don’t sit on the side-lines watching or complaining, get involved and help make a difference.

Your child needs you!